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In the arena of fitness, the word, the phenomenon- HERCULES, was found in 1989 as the first Gym in Gurgaon. It literally became the go-to spot for every fitness enthusiast in the city. The city woke up to a “fitness and body building/sculpting movement” much before these terms had become “fashionable”.

Then came the expansion and dominance in the era of nutrition and fitness supplements for nearly a decade by the entity named Hercules Health Cares Pvt. Ltd. And then there were some mega-blockbuster brands like Long looks, Fuel, Mega mass 3600 etc for the fitness afficianados to savour.

In trying to keep pace with the changing times and the present market trends in the fitness industry in India, Hercules Health cares pvt. Ltd. has decided to reach our clients through the web media. The sole aim here is to cater to our king- the consumer, by providing them with simpler, effective and quicker access to their favourite nutritional products and food supplements, hence by, facilitating a healthy, physical and spiritual lifestyle for the society which is cost-effective as well.

Hercules Health Cares is a team, run by the desirably perfect mix of young and experienced professionals. Therein the young professionals have the skills, the exposure and the knowledge of operations management. Then there are the invaluably experienced mentors, possessing the expertise of over more than 25 years. They have always nurtured, sponsored and guided many a talent, taking them under their wing, be it the budding ones or the established pros in the Indian bodybuilding world. Tie-ups with multinational giants like Du-pont and their brands Supro were a keen step towards improving the quality of supplements at offer in the Indian market. Mr. Mahesh chaudhary for e.g. has long been associated in the capacity of the Associate Secretary with the Indian Body Builder’s federation (IBBF) which is recognised by the Goverment Of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

And in our new tech-savvy avatar we’ll be providing the most efficient and effective, the best and popular health & wellness products from across the globe to every Indian via the portal of E-Commerce.

We cover the cateogories ranging from whey proteins, weight gainers fat burners, meal replacements, creatine and many more. which are ensured they are sourced from the genuine supplier at the lowest possible cost which are further passed on to the consumers cutting the middleman along the supply chain .

Our vision is to reach every fitness enthusiast in this country who belives in attaining highest quality products which are genuine and at a reasonable price through our excellent customer service and retention skills

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