Shipping and Delivery Policy

please note that the flavours mentioned in the product page indicates that product will be shipped in any of those flavours mentioned unless you make specific comment while placing an order to attain a specific flavour. for example if any product has fruit punch and watermelon flavour. Either of them can be dispactched depending on the avaliablilty. if you want to be specific with the flavour you are bound to mention it on the comments section . other wise no liability will be taken by Hercules Health Cares.

By selecting delivery when finishing Checkout you are naturally asking for us to organize a messenger for your sake. We will attempt to convey to all over India inside 2 to 3 working days (prohibiting weekends & open occasions) of receipt and fulfillment of your request; in any case, postponements are once in a while unavoidable because of unforeseen components. might be under no risk for any postponement or disappointment to convey inside assessed timescales.

Transportation expenses will shift as stated by size, weight and area. You will be informed as needs be regarding the expense once your request has been gained or you may get in touch with us for a quote

2. Dispatch Deliveries

  • a. It is the client's obligation to supply with the right Shipping data. Limited might be under no obligation for any postage costs if the wrong conveyance data has been supplied.
  • b. All things conveyed oblige a mark. Assuming that a mark is gotten from any individual other than the named client at the specified conveyance address, the named client is still answerable for the thing and any accuses partnered of it.
  • c. When you accept your item/s from the messenger it is VERY IMPORTANT to guarantee that the bundling of your products is checked, and in great condition and not harmed, BEFORE marking the conveyance note.

Assuming that the dispatchs endeavor to convey a bundle with harmed bundling PLEASE CONTACT US AND REFUSE it and educate the driver to return it again to us. The bundle must be opened and any harm appeared for us by telephone or email inside 24hours (working day).

Assuming that the items are harmed or flawed throughout travel, we will oblige verification ie picture or picture, of the harmed merchandise before we can offer you a swap. You will need to keep hold of the harmed products and the package with the first bundling, until we have accepted the verification, and we have transformed the case through our messenger organization.

We will tell you inside 2 working days the case has been prepared and affirm that a swap item will be dispatched to appropriately.

This is to agree to our Couriers Insurance Policy. No Claim for harm could be handled if the conveyance note is not marked "harmed" or assuming that we were not informed inside 24 hours of the harm from receipt of the conveyance. If its not too much trouble report any issues quickly by calling us. This does not influence you statutory rights on the supply of products (see Returns, Cancelations & Substitutions for additional data).

  • d. Assuming that you have not accepted your thing inside 3 working days of dispatch of your request please track your conveyance with the subtle elements supplied or call us. In the event that the dispatch has endeavored to convey your thing and has left a card you must contact the dispatchs run inside 7 days of the card being cleared out. In the event that we have had a thing returned over to us because of non correspondence on your part, you will be answerable for extra sending expenses.
  • e. The purpose of conveyance is the closest purpose of your property limit that might be arrived at by the driver. The driver can't be relied upon to convey the bundle inside your property i.e. to your front entryway or any viable area. In specific circumstances when access to you property by the conveyance vehicle is confined then the purpose of conveyance will be the closest that the driver can arrive at with his vehicle.
  • f. We plan to dispatch things inside 48 hours of installment being gained and cleared (with the exception of where portrayals state a postponement). Demands for a deferral in dispatching a thing can't be ensured to be actioned and any obligation for a returned conveyance because of nobody present at the conveyance address at the time of conveyance will be with the purchaser.
  • g. We can't be considered answerable for non conveyance of things if the conveyance address given is not right or inadequate (i.e. no house name or number/street points of interest and so on). Assuming that this is off base or inadequate the thing may be come back to our dispersion warehouse by the messenger. In the event that this happens then you will be obligated for the expenses of the thing to be come back to us and afterward re-dispatched again to you. i.e. 2 times the first conveyance charge.
  • h. All things will be dispatched to the location supplied inside Checkout.
  • i. All expenses must be paid before any thing is re-dispatched.

3. Returns, Cancelations & Substitutions

  • a. All things must be returned in their unique bundling. Our dispatchs won't gather unpackaged things.
  • b. The postage is not refundable for any thing that has been come back to us because of clients not being at home, and a delivery charge will be obliged if the client requires the item to be loathe.
  • c. All gathered things must be come back to us by the client.
  • d. All returns must be checked by us before shifts/ discounts might be issued.
  • e. Discounts will be consequently prepared following 15 days assuming that we are unable to process your request for any reason.
  • f. Item Description and Availability
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